Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Band concerts

Last night was a percussion concert for the local Junior High and High School.
I really love percussion and was glad when Carter started playing.

It was a fun and very impressive night.
lots of talent

The problem with having a kid in percussion is that they are always in the back.
When there is a band concert, you can never see your kid.

So imagine my happiness when I see Carter setting up his drum right at the front of the stage.
They had quite a few ensemble performances so it was great!

I took a video of his ensemble piece but now I can't find it on my computer.
(I'm a computer genius, obviously.)

Later there was a bigger group piece and, of course, Carter was in the back.
He was playing Toms, tamborine and a big gong 
(from what I could tell)

That's another thing I love about percussion is that they learn so many things
and can play a variety of instruments.

I love watching them move around during the song to play all the various parts.

Plus it sounds amazing.

It wasn't until I was seated in the auditorium that I even thought of inviting my family.
So I did call my parents to invite them...
but with no notice, they weren't able to come.
I'm not used to living near family and it never entered my mind to tell them about it.

side note:
There was a full band concert last week.
Didn't invite anyone.
Didn't even take a single picture.

So lame.

Also, so sad, because I'm pretty sure it was the last concert of the year.
And he doesn't plan to do it next year.

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