Sunday, March 2, 2014

Upholstery Class Week 6

Get ready for lots of pictures!

I began this week with tacking burlap over the webbing I finished last week.
Tack fairly tight, but not as tight as other parts of the chair all over the back and wings.
(again the back should have some "give")

After tacking in place, I stapled it all in place and cut off the excess.

Next I needed to put foam on the back. 
Unfortunately the foam isn't big enough so I had to connect two pieces together.
I did this by cutting an extra piece 
(this extra piece will tuck in at the back between the seat and back so it won't really be felt)
I used a spray adhesive to stick the two together and then glued pieces of muslin over the seam.
The muslin will give it extra strength and also make it more smooth.

Here I am fitting the foam into the chair back.

The seam is close to the bottom of the back and will be covered by the cushion so it won't be felt 
even though I did such a good job, I'm sure I wouldn't feel it anyway

I cut off the excess foam so it just fit around the top

And stapled it in place.
By the way, foam doesn't really like to be stapled
If its too tight, the staples just slip right through!

I used more spray adhesive to hold it in place before stapling.
Pretty sure that stuff killed a few brain cells.

All stapled in place!

Next I put cotton batting over the foam

The one thing I didn't show, is that I had to do this whole thing twice!
After I got the first layer done, I sat in the chair and the back wasn't that comfy.
So I put a second layer of foam
(Yep, had to piece it again)
and a second layer of batting.
Now its nice and comfy!

Then I put a layer of muslin over the whole thing.
So far I have tacked it in place

The back muslin has to be a little more roomy because I'm putting buttons
for a tufted back.
I'm finding this part a little confusing, to be honest.
How to know how much give to put in the muslin...
Plus, again, I'm imagining doing it with the real fabric!

Looks like a mess right now.

My teacher showing me how to cut and fit it around the wood pieces in back.

Next week I should be starting the fabric! 

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  1. No wonder it's so expensive to get a chair upholstered. I can't believe how much work that is! I can't wait to see the finished product.