Sunday, March 30, 2014

Giving to charity

I keep a plastic garbage bag in my laundry room.

Whenever a piece of clothing becomes too small for someone
too big 
(yeah right)
I decide I hate its guts

I put it into the plastic garbage bag to be donated.

Then when the bag is full I go drop it off
or give it to a friend of mine who distributes it to those who can use the items.

The other day I noticed the bag was getting full-ish
so I decided to go ahead and stick it in my car.

I glance inside and see a white dress shirt.
Yep, Carter is constantly outgrowing white dress shirts
so this is a logical thing to see.

I grab the bag and head to the car.

Something inside me says
"you better look inside and make sure there isn't anything you don't want to give away"

So I open the bag.

Inside I find
a bunch of dirty laundry from our last trip out of town!
Mostly our underwear
a white dress shirt.

Holy guacamole!
I almost donated a bag of dirty underwear and socks!

~that was a close one~


  1. Oh man that would've been amaaaazing! Hi-larious!

  2. I got a good laugh out of that! Nice that you caught it before giving it away! Anxious to have you closer here in American Fork! Your new place looks beautiful and BIG! much love, mom & dad

  3. Wow...what fun that would have been on the other end! It makes us feel better when you "younger" ones make these kind of mistakes, because we can do that with regularity! Anxious to have you closer! Much love, mom & dad