Monday, March 24, 2014

Upholstery Class Week 9

At the end of the last class I had the fabric ready to go onto the back of the chair.
As usual, the next step involves a lot of tucking, finding the wood, and then cutting the fabric to fit around the wood pieces and down into the chair.
(chair is laying on its back here)

Kathleen (the teacher) usually shows me on one side and then I do the other.

I tacked the top/back to hold it in place as I worked to get the front looking good.

Here Kathleen is showing me how to get nice pleats along the top/side of the chair.

Oh, lovely

Everything is tacked in place, then stapled (remove the tacks) and then trim excess fabric

The front has some room left in the fabric since I'll be adding buttons.

Next, we used some muslin to make a pattern for the cushion.
The cushion is the part I've been most nervous about
but I gotta say that Kathleen makes it seem pretty easy!

Lay muslin down and use chalk to mark the edges.
Cut the pattern out, adding 1/2" for seam allowance.
Take it back tot he chair and make sure it fits

Cut it out of the fabric.
Since I'm using velvet I always have to make sure the nap runs the right direction as I go.

I took this picture of a fellow classmate because we were all laughing at her 
(in a nice way of course)
for hammering upside down!

Next I had to sew the welting that goes around the cushion.
The big industrial machines are SO nice for this.
They have a special welting foot and it's just a breeze.
I attached the welting to one side of the cushion as I sew it to avoid extra steps.
I love this trick and had never tried it before.

Here is my giant spool of welting cord!
I think I'll have enough for another project, don't you?

We started putting in the buttons on the back of the chair...

Here is a view of the arms where they meet the back.
I hope I can remember how we did that if I do it again...

And my finished cushion cover!
I'm so proud of it!

Look at that amazing job.
Seriously though.

Only one week left...

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