Saturday, February 15, 2014


I have this thing I do
all the time
where I'm driving along or walking along or just in my house
and I suddenly exclaim to everyone
"Oh my gosh, look at that!"
And I'm usually referring to snow or trees or a sunset or sunrise or maybe even a flower
It drives my family a little nuts.
They are like "ok ok, we've seen a flower before!"

But seriously, if something is beautiful and it strikes me with its beauty,
should I really keep that emotion inside?
I think not!

And part of me feels like
maybe I am training my boys to notice beauty around them

So I was filled with happiness when, yesterday, out of the blue
Carter yells to me from his computer (as I sat on the couch nearby)
"Mom! Look outside!"
It was beautiful.

The trees were all coated with ice
and the sun was setting and was shining from behind them
and it was just sparkling like mad.
White snow, blue sky
It was amazing.

Of course, I freaked out and sprinted up to my loft to grab my camera
(which turned out to be right next to me in the living room)
and I tried to capture it.
(without actually leaving the warm house...although I did open the sliding door)

I kept taking pictures as the sun went down, 
hoping for the same magical, shining tree but with orange!
It wasn't quite as shiny as it went down but it was still beautiful.

And my son noticed it first.

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