Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Technology Week

This last week
our family had a no technology week.
Here were the rules:
No tv
computer for homework allowed but 
instant messaging
surfing for anything but needed info for homework
Phones for necessary communication only
(meaning, Carter could call or text me when he needed a ride but couldn't play games, text friends, go on the internet, etc)

I thought it would probably be a nightmare.
Carter watches way too much Youtube
and has so many windows open when he does homework that its ridiculous

But honestly
Frank and I have problems too.

I have posted pictures of our family game time...
everyone has an electronic device next to them on the table.

If we watch a family movie
Frank usually has his iPad on his lap at the same time
and Carter flits from the couch to the computer during the movie.

I check email habitually all day long.
And both Frank and I play Settlers of Catan way too much on our devices.

Day One had its problems.
Carter told me he was bored about 10 times.

But we soldiered on!
We played lots of board games
I cooked and cleaned and got laundry caught up.
We read books.
Carter sat at the dining room table and got homework done.
(That was my favorite part!)
If he needed the computer, he'd come and ask me and tell me what he was planning to do.

And, after day one it really wasn't an issue.
Carter would come and say, "Do you want to play a game?"
and we would.

Not gonna lie, today we are back to normal.
Frank's on his iPad
I'm blogging
and Carter is on the computer right now.

But I have plans for some more changes to our technology use...
so I'll let them enjoy today


  1. I can't even sit through a half hour sitcom without my iPad on my lap playing games or checking Facebook. It's a sickness. My kids woke up at 4:45 yesterday morning to sneak into our room and take the iPads for YouTube video watching, and they got sooo busted. We are doing our own no technology week soon. I hope I can make it.

  2. For a few years we've been doing a technology sabbath of sorts, where the computer stays off on Sunday, unless something unusual comes up (family history research is okay, etc.). I think the kids have felt the pinch sometimes, but it has meant that sometimes they get the paints out and have some creative time. Any other day they would just have been on the computer.