Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crazy Spontaneous

Last week
my oldest son texted me to tell me about their difficulties finding a new apartment.
They have to move by April 17th.
And it's not going well.

We texted back and forth about his dilemma.

He joked that we should just buy a condo for them and they would pay the mortgage
which would be cheaper than any of the rents they'd seen.

I asked,"Why are you asking me? Dad's the one you should talk to"
He said," Hmm you talk to Dad!"
At that point I called him a wimp.

He said it was a balance of probabilities.
More likely to get a positive response from me.
(but true)

Anyway, I casually mention to Frank that our kid wants us to buy a place for him to rent.
And he says...
"Let's do it"

Is he joking?

So I tell Branden that he really should talk to Dad because
there is obviously a possibility that he's open to this crazy scenario.

So they end up texting all evening about it.

The next morning at breakfast Frank mentions the conversation he had with Branden.
Then he says,"We should go out there and look.  Want to?"
"Sure, I guess"
(I'm always up for a trip to see my family and the grand baby)

He gets on his computer and books tickets
-frequent flyer miles to the rescue-

I literally had 3 hours to:
make arrangements for Carter
Put Austin on our car insurance so he could drive to work and drive Carter where he needed to be
freak out a little
let my sister know we were coming and ask if we could stay with her
(Yay for flexible relatives!)
tell my work I was suddenly going out of town
Oh and send a text to tell Carter that when he got out of school that day his parents would be gone to Utah!


That's us

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  1. Awesome!!! I hope you find something great. I think my dad wishes he had done that after putting all 6 of us through BYU. I'm sure he would've saved a load on rent. Wish I could see youM