Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weird facts about me

I've decided to start blogging a few weirds facts about myself just for posterity.  I figure someday my kids, grandkids or great grandkids will read my journals.
(I print this blog, and another private blog that I have, each year to keep as a journal)
So, they will get to know me through my writing.
Why not include some of these little things about myself?
For example, I already blogged about my habit of carrying a towel on my shoulder whenever I work in the kitchen.  I would love to know these kinds of things about my grandma.

Here we go:

I like to use baby nail clippers.
There.  It's out.
I have a pair of baby nail clippers that I think I've had since Branden, my oldest, was an infant.  They are tiny and old but I find that the baby nail clippers are so much easier for me to use when clipping my own nails.  I find the bigger ones to be more difficult and not as sharp.  They bend my nails and hurt when I try to use them.

We keep all of our clippers in a little bag that Frank's mom gave him when he moved out of the house.  (They keep all of their clippers in a similar bag in their bathroom drawer.)
The bag is now 30 years old at least...I don't know if it was new when she gave it to him.  It's seen better days but I can't see myself replacing it.  It's just a part of our house now.

I will admit I didn't realize it was ripped until I pulled it out to take the picture.  I will have to sew that up.

Anyway, sometimes when I travel I forget to bring my little nail clippers. They are just always in that little bag so I don't think to get them out.  So on trips with Frank, I can use his (regular size) clippers but it annoys me.

Over the years, I have thought about buying a new or extra pair of these baby nail clippers but some time ago they stopped making them like mine.  All of the baby nail clippers now have this giant bulbous piece of plastic on the end to make them easier to hold, I guess.  I don't want that huge hunk of plastic, I just want a small nail clipper. Unless my hands are really wet, I don't have a problem holding or working the tiny clippers.  I suppose that could change as I get older but that has never seemed like a good enough reason to buy those new awful versions of my clippers.

Recently I went on a trip without Frank, to help my parents drive to Arizona.  I forgot my clippers.
We did a lot of work making the fence and whatnot and I broke a nail.  I had to get some clippers.
So I decided to just bite the bullet and get a pair of new fangled baby clippers with the giant plastic piece.

One time when we were at walmart I looked for some.  And the ONLY PAIR they had were a Disney themed pair.

I bought the monstrous pink set of clippers with Minnie Mouse on them.

The clippers are actually the same.  Small, sharp and nice.
And the giant bulbous piece of plastic?
Well, it makes them surprisingly easy to hold.

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  1. Oh my gosh I USE THE TINY BABY ONES TOO! They're way sharper, and I've had them since Isaac was a baby. This is so funny! I keep them in a little zipper bag in my purse that also has a mirror, some Advil, tissues, that kind of thing, so they're always nearby.