Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hard to live with

I generally consider myself to be pretty easy to live with.

I know I have some physical ailments that make me annoying...
I say "I have a headache" way too much.

I know this.

But overall
I am easy going
Never yell 
(ok, maybe when I'm joking...but you will rarely hear angry yelling from me)
like to make people happy
don't mind doing laundry
cook on occasion


Then I have these moments of clarity when I realize that maybe I'm not that easy to live with.

Take today for example.

It's my birthday.

I've always been that person who likes her birthday acknowledged.
This is not new information for the people who live with me!
Boys and men (at least mine) are not great at this...
So I've learned to tell them what I want.
They know in advance if I want a homemade meal.
A cake.
A party
(Frank already knows, a year in advance, that I want a party for my 50th)

So last night as I said good night to Carter I told him 
"when you wake up it will be my birthday so you better be nice to me"
This morning he wasn't particularly mean or anything but he was silent and teenagery
(Yes, that's a word.  And if it isn't, it should be.  All parents of teenagers know what it means)
And he left the house without saying the magic words
"Happy Birthday Mom"

Really I don't ask for much.

Then Frank gets up.
Gets ready for work.
Eats breakfast.
Brings up a few details about things we need to do today.

All the while, I am getting annoyed.
He is failing the test that he didn't know he was taking!

Finally, as he heads to his office I say, 
(in a possibly testy voice)
"Do you have something you want to say to me?"

So he says it.
apologetically and enthusiastically and even includes a kiss.
But, if I had to ask for it...does it count?

these are probably the trials of all men who live with women.
I can't be the only one who silently tests the people in my life.
And harshly.
Can I?

Alas, after the poor hubby went to his office I realized that I might be somewhat
hard to live with.

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  1. No! Not hard! You get to hear those words without prodding on your birthday. Sorry you had to test them. Happy Birthday!! I even sent you something but it won't get delivered til the 7th so you'll probably be in Alaska. I neeever send birthday presents but I thought it might be a fun surprise...that I just ruined.