Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year

The new year.
Time for renewal and change.
But I don't want to be such a cliche and follow the crowd and make all kinds of New Year's Resolutions that I won't keep.
I will think in my mind that I WILL change this year...
you know:
work out
 eat right
get over my sugar problem
get into those jeans I still have in my closet
Pray more
Think kinder thoughts
Keep the house clean
Learn to enjoy making dinner

But I won't make resolutions.
Those are so lame.

some how I did not magically change overnight last night.

I woke up and wanted to eat the m&ms on the counter...
you know, the ones I took to the New Years Eve party so I could SHARE them.
The ones that I ate repeatedly all night long until we got home at 1:00 a.m.
Yeah those.

I had them for breakfast.
Don't worry,
I also had some popcorn so it was a nice, round meal.

I didn't magically want to go workout.
It's freaking cold out there!
and, ok, I could have done some sort of workout here in my house
I really didn't feel like it.

I also didn't magically become a spiritually amazing and sensitive woman.

And Thank Heaven Carter works at the pizza place tonight.
Dinner is already planned!
Go me!
sort of.

But I'm not giving up.
You see, my birthday is in 5 days...
so really, if you think about it, that's a better time to renew and change
than January 1st.

Plus, I should wait till after the cake.
That would make more sense.
And I don't want to deny myself birthday cake after all.
That would just be wrong.

Here's to 2016.
I'm sure there's all kinds of amazing things in store...
just don't hold your breath for dinner every night, kids.
That's just crazy talk.