Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alaska! Days Four, Five and Six

Day Four, Saturday:
Saturday overcast day.
This was not good news for us as the flight was cancelled due to weather and clouds over the glacier.
Frank's one big activity...Gone!

We managed to overcome the sadness though
and decided to go to the indoor water park after all.

Here's the review of the indoor water park:
Kind of fun.
Water was warm-ish but a little too cool for the small kids.
A couple of big slides that were fun for the adults.
and overall just a little sketchy.
Could use a good cleaning.

Not that we didn't have fun...we did.
But for the cost, I would have preferred warmer water and cleaner dressing rooms.

And the kids completely rejected the hot dogs we bought them.

We picked up pizza on the way home and sent the boys to rent a couple of movies.
We really gave Blockbuster some serious business while we were there.


Day Five, Sunday:
Sunday morning was our earliest morning because we had to be to church by nine.
And I'm telling you, we got used to sleeping in!
 But we managed to get up and out the door by 8:15

What 8:15 looks like in Anchorage in January

which actually meant we were way early to church.
But it also meant that we met a couple of people, one of which turned out to have grown up in our neighborhood here in Utah and knew all kinds of people that we know.
Small world.

After church we spent the day at Branden and Amber's house.

Breakfast for lunch

Playing with the girls

More cards
(Frank would be sad if I didn't mention that
he kicked our behinds in hearts with a final score of only 7)

Bath time where Frank got to use the gift he got for the girls for Christmas-Bubble guns

Branden made cookies

Amber made Orange chicken for dinner.

...and the day passed way too quickly.

Before we knew it, it was time for the girls to go to bed
and for us to get back to the hotel 
since we had an early morning flight.

Day Six, Monday:

We did take one last picture in Alaska.
The one and only moose that we saw while there
was a stuffed moose at the airport.
As you can see, Frank was less than impressed.

The view from the plane as we came into Utah was spectacular.
the white stuff that looks like smooth snow is the clouds!
So gorgeous.

Welcome home.

So my Christmas gift turned out to be practically perfect.

Spending lots of time at the apartment, playing with and cuddling my grandkids, talking and playing games and watching movies with my son and daughter-in-law...
 it's exactly what I would have chosen for myself.

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