Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birthday Gift

I received the most thoughtful gift this year.

Over the years I've received thoughtful gifts, especially from Frank.
But this one was a surprise because it came from a couple of girls here in my neighborhood who, although we are friends,
really don't know me that well.
I haven't lived here that long, after all.

We all went out to lunch and they presented me with this gift:

First of all, how cute is this gift?

Turns out that they were trying to think of what to get me, and realizing that they don't really know me that well or know exactly what I would want,
decided to stalk my blog.

They found my "100 things" posts that I do every year and proceeded to read the posts for the last several years!

So they got me a box filled with all kinds of things from my own lists of things I am thankful for!
A lot of the things were handmade and really cute so that was an extra bonus.

Here is what the gift included:
a bouquet of handmade daisies (my favorite flower) in a cute jar
fels naptha (my favorite stain remover)
wool socks (apparently on my list for the last 4 years)
dark chocolate
dark chocolate covered almonds
make up remover cloths
ibuprofen (in a cute container...bonus!)
a picture of a cute pinterest idea involving tulips (hilarious!)
a personal invite to next year's mother's day trip to Park City
cute little notebooks and a cute little pen to go with them
lip balm
a ticket that gives me priority seating in the car for next summer's garage sales
a cupcake
and the one that really made me laugh...a page of free compliments.

Wow, what a fun gift that was!

It really touched me and was funny and sweet and thoughtful all at the same time.

Thanks gals!

I'm sure you are also so glad I found an opportunity to put more pictures of you on the internet.


  1. Holy COW. That was amazing. And such genius! The thing about this gift is how much time it took. How incredibly thoughtful! Wow!

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  3. I just want to know what Diner that is. Looks tasty.

    1. It was One Man Band. You've probably been there but it was my first time. It was yummy!