Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Mom

I've been working on a surprise for my mom

(I feel safe putting this here because she doesn't get on the internet much anymore...
but just in case, I won't give away exactly what the surprise is)

and I came across some great pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites:

The first one is from a day on the lake, when she went waterskiing.
She was 70 in this picture.
She has always been a beautiful woman but I just love this one so much.
She just looks so happy!

And this next picture (She's 71 here) she is attending a Roaring 20's event for her job at the time.
Yes, she was working at 71.


I love my mom.


  1. I love her too! Gosh I wish I had some of her looks NOW, let alone when I'm 70.

  2. I love your mom too! She was the one who inspired me with her clown cake many years ago for my brother, Craig, to take cake decorating classes! And she sings like an angel!

    1. Thanks for those sweet words Carrie! My mom is definitely multi-talented. I hope you are well!