Monday, November 23, 2015

100 Things

My annual "Thankful" list. In general, these are in no particular order, as usual.  Didn't do it throughout the year like last year, which I think is a WAY better way to do it.  Next year I will remember to do it that way again.

I will list some important ones first :-)

1 Frank
2 Branden
3 Amber
4 Isabelle
5 Kaylee
6 Ryan
7 Austin
8 Carter
9 The Gospel of Jesus Christ
10 Living near family
11 monthly birthday get togethers
12 Weekly lunch with my parents
13 My sewing machine
14 Warm blankets
15 My covered back porch
16 The fact that my cherry tree made very few cherries this year and, therefore, my yard was much more enjoyable
17 snow
18 warm blankets
19 potato soup
20 recipes online
21 a reliable car
22 etsy
23 fuzzy/wool socks
24 iphone
25 computer
26 3M removable hangers for pictures/seasonal decor
27 home depot
28 Lowes
29 my cute yellow wallet that I got at a garage sale for .25
30 friends who take me to garage sales
31 botox for migraines.  Life changer.
32 doctors
33 washer and dryer
34 my basement storage room
35 double oven
36 sweet videos from the grandkids
37 texts/letters/email from ANYONE :-)
38 old friends who keep in touch
39 Jennifer and Jennifer.  Over 30 years now that we've been friends. Wow.
40 a paycheck
41 hair color
42 lotion
43 online banking
44 online shopping
45 compliments
46 funny friends
47 movies-at a movie theatre
48 netflix- sitting on my couch in my jammies
49 a garage to park in
50 automatic garage door openers
51 Frank's family
52 Nieces who come to visit!
53 tulips
54 the mountains!
55 rainy days
56 fried chicken
57 dark chocolate
58 airline miles
59 a good sharp knife
60 hugs
61 gorgeous sunsets
62 siblings nearby
63 my stripedy wall...makes me happy
64 my pressure canner
65 my sister who knows all about canning (among other things)
66 funny jokes and videos shown to me by my kids
67 Peonies
68 Thanksgiving Point Gardens
69 See's
70 comfy jammies
71 fuzzy, warm sheets
72 air conditioning in the summer
73 my food processor
74 Education Week
75 Mother's Day Weekend away (hopefully I'll get invited again in 2016)
76 cousins, aunts, uncles nearby that I get to see occasionally...wish it was more!
77 The Larson Cup
78 Emily.  Seriously her blog makes me happy on a regular basis.  Love that chick.
79 My siblings.  They are awesome.  I might have put that one already.  But it's double true.
80 3 years cancer free
81 bread
82 Cancun
83 missionary emails
84 a good book
85 The Peterson Family coming for Thanksgiving!
86 visiting my MA friends
87 The time (as short as it was) with Annette living here.
88 bleach
89 my living room curtains
90 massages (not that I've had one recently, but i just thought of it and now I think I should ask for that for Christmas!)
91 warm showers
92 fluffy towels
93 makeup removal towelettes
94 pedicures
95 spur of the moment trip to Idaho to visit Kristine. I love my friends!
96 our rental property
97 Craigslist/KSL
98 people who post tutorials online
99 Funny people
100 Anyone who read this whole list! mwah!

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  1. Um, me? The one who never blogs at all anymore? You must be thinking if 2008 Emily. :) I'm thankful for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving! Such a good list. I agree with all of it.