Thursday, November 12, 2015

A winter chore

About this time every year,
I go through my clothes to put away the summer stuff and pull out the winter stuff.
Sweaters and wool socks and boots
 replace short sleeve shirts and sandals
corduroys replace shorts
the light weight fabrics go away and the warm and the fuzzy take their place.

And every year I think
"Man! I have a lot of ugly clothes!"
Why do I keep all this stuff?

There are summer shirts that go into the bin for half the year and then into my closet for the other half and I never wear them.
Sweaters that I buy and then see myself in a picture wearing them and after that they are stuck on the bottom of the pile, never to see the light of day again.

Even worse, there are clothes that go into the bin and then into my closet
and every time I see them I think how ugly they are...
but I wear them ALL THE TIME.
So I keep them.
Telling myself that I'm just being realistic...
I will wear them.
Even if I shouldn't.
Even if they are old and misshapen.
Out of style and frumpy.
Usually these are the kinds of things that I tell myself are "cozy" or "comfortable".

That is why they win.

And then there is the cute stuff.
A smaller percentage, I admit.
The stuff that doesn't quite fit but sure looked good when it did.
The stuff that I am just sure I will wear...after I lose that few pounds I've gained.

Every time I do this seasonal switch,
I have a few things that I give away to goodwill
because I decide to be realistic
(I won't wear that sweater, I know I won't!)
or because I am trying to overcome some kind of clothing nostalgia
(That shirt I've had since Branden was a baby really has to go)
or because I just know it's ugly even though I wear it all the time
(I won't miss it.  I'll find something that looks better)

It's an interesting little exercise,
a glimpse into how my brain works.
And it's a little scary, not gonna lie.

The following things made it past the goodwill bag this year and are currently in my closet:

two pair of boots that I don't wear very often because they are a bit too small...but they are cute and might look great and be worth the pain if I had the right outfit. Plus one pair was purchased by Frank in Spain when he was there on business...I have to keep those.
6 skirts that are really too small for me right now
(and probably don't have matching/coordinating's a known problem)
a plaid flannel shirt that I know bugs me when I wear it...the cut of it is weird, but gosh-darn-it, it looks so warm and comfy now. I can just wear it at home! (uh oh)
a different flannel shirt that I know is too tight and I just won't wear, but gosh-darn-it, I'm sure I'll love it when I'm a bit thinner (nope)
3 pair of corduroys.  Only one of which usually gets worn every year.
And several sweaters that I know look awful on me.
There are also the too tight pajama pants and coordinating too tight shirt that I got for Christmas last year
I have to keep them at least this year to show I liked the gift!
Even though I will not wear them and didn't really like the gift.
I hate being uncomfortable and especially when I'm sleeping for goodness sake!

So, the closet is organized and the drawers are full.
And Frank will still have to hear me moan about having nothing to wear.

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  1. I have this argyle sweater from j.crew that was a ton of money but it's short, you remember the shorter styles from like 10 years ago? I spent so much money on it and we were so poor that it sits on my shelf but I will never, ever, ever wear it again. Reading the art of tidying up clinched me. This year it has to go.