Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The last harvest

Today I picked the last of the tomatoes.
It's supposed to get cold tomorrow and our tomato plants are looking a bit worse for the wear

I forgot to take a picture of my counter covered in beautiful 
(ok, maybe they weren't beautiful...they were a bit bedraggled) 
red tomatoes

But here are some of them as they are simmering on the stove

And here is the food mill that I am using to remove the seeds and peels and reveal the gorgeous tomato juice

And here is my HUGE pot of tomato juice.

I also have quite a bit of tomato juice on the counter, the floor and the front of my off white sweatshirt.

I will be using this sauce to make homemade sloppy joe sauce.
We really like sloppy joes over here so I figured I would can a bunch of homemade sauce...
I am pretty excited about it.
I bet it will taste amazing!

I will let you know.

1 comment:

  1. How's it taste? How do you think to do stuff like this? If I grew tomatoes it would be "hey, I'll chop a tomato for a salad" and the rest would go rotten.