Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Little House update

I've decided that I should stop referring to our little rental house as
"the money pit"
because, even though it is a money pit, it is just too negative!
I must learn to love my little money pit.
So now I will call it the little house or perhaps the rental.
Much better.

Ok, people, this house is SO CLOSE to being done.
And I'm SO READY for it to be.

Here are some pictures:

First of all, my sister Doneen (aka my perfect sister) and I tiled the bathroom floor.

I say that we both did it but really she did it all.
I was like a friendly helper who handed her things, took pictures and told her how awesome she was.

I did cut a couple of tiles for her so I am obviously a pro at tiling now.

 She's a hard worker.
I love her.

Bathroom with shelves installed in closet space.
Ready to paint!

Frank installed the heater in the kitchen area.
As usual for this (cute, adorable, wonderful...yes, trying to convince myself) house, we had to tear out some walls unexpectedly.

But it will look much nicer with the gas lines inside the walls now instead of all over the place on top of the walls and ceiling.
While the walls were out, we added insulation.
Why not.

Frank installing the chimney for the heater:

We frantically cleaned all the crap out of the bedroom, living room and entryway
for the arrival of carpet!
I wish I could say that we truly cleaned it up...but really we just crammed it all in the kitchen.

living room

That door you see there is the entry door with the bedroom slightly visible behind it.


Stairway to outside:

View from the top of the stairs:
apartment to the left
laundry to the right

And after carpet:

tiny coat closet in living room:


Living room:

And the heater, in all its glory, with new drywall on the walls:

I will go over there today and hopefully paint the kitchen (assuming the mud is dry).
I'm also hoping that the toilet, sink and vanity are installed when I get there.
We have a guy helping us and he is doing that part.
I'm really excited to see the finished bathroom!

Then all that's left is cleaning and hanging some hooks and things for towels in the bathroom.



  1. It looks so amazing! You guys are incredible. I love the tile too, way to go Doneen! You're amazing debbie, I can't believe how much work you've done.