Thursday, November 5, 2015

It's happening

I can feel it happening.
the hibernation
Not a picture of today.  But a picture of how today feels to me.

I love fall and it makes me feel all energetic
I want to clean house and organize things
can and cook healthy
Hang pictures and decorate

and then the day comes when it gets just a little too cold
a snowflake falls

and my energy and excitement are gone.
I begin to want to lay on the couch
wrap in a blanket
watch too much tv
eat comfort foods

Today is that day my friends.

I hope there are some warmer days ahead before winter truly sets in
because those tomatoes aren't going to can themselves...

1 comment:

  1. That's me over Christmas break. I finally got it in me to take down Christmas yesterday. I was on the roof taking down lights and it started POURING snow, if that's a term. Dumping? Either way, roof was not where I wanted to be but I'd already climbed up and committed so I just finished anywa. Ugh.