Tuesday, November 10, 2015

While it was snowing...

while it was snowing:
early this morning

later...this morning

I canned 16 pints of homemade sloppy joe sauce.
I'm not sure my final product tastes exactly like Manwich,
which was my goal,
but I think it is tasty enough that I will force my family to eat it.


Frank went to the store to get me a couple of peppers that I needed for dinner
and came home with the ingredients for pumpkin pie!
(he also got my peppers)
He says he needs to make a trial pie before Thanksgiving.
It smells amazing.
But I actually don't like pumpkin pie...
so it's very likely that he's going to have to eat it all himself.


I went to the chiropractor today.
It is so hard to find your network of people after you move!
Hairdressers, doctors, dentists, eye doctors, chiropractors.
We had people we liked a lot back in MA...
but it's still a work in progress here.

Frank hates our doctor so we are looking for a new one.
The eye doctor is ok.
There are two in the office: a woman who I like and a man that Austin said was creepy.
I am on my second chiropractor.
I can't decide if he is just an outgoing, happy kind of guy or if I am creeped out by him.
A lot of people here in the west are more talkative/touchy-feely/open than I am comfortable with
and it is probably just a west-east thing.
But I have trouble deciding if that is what it is and I'm being too stand-off-ish
or if I have just truly found the few people who are too talkative/touchy-feely.
His office is quite busy and no one else seems to think anything is amiss so I'm trying to stick with him for a bit.

The apartment is done!
I am so glad to be done with it.
Frank went over there today and did the last bit.
I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.


I put on my pajamas at 5:30 today.
I mean, it was snowing after all.


  1. I love reading your blog. It makes me smile in an ever depressing world. You are a person I would love to live next door to. You have many talents and a fantastic family. Reading your thoughts help me to feel that I have an LDS friend just an arm away, which is not true here in Moncton. Thanks!! By the way...your apartment and your pumpkin pie looks delish.

    1. Thanks so much, that means a lot to me. I try to keep it real and light at the same time :-) Mostly this blog is a journal for me to write my day to day stuff so I don't forget. I wish I could see you again!

  2. Debbie, you should to and see Marc down in Provo, he'll be your chiropractor! We still need to get together and do lunch so we can catch up!

    1. MONICA!! I lost your phone number! Email me, would ya? Hilldeb2@gmail.com
      I definitely want to do lunch or something!

  3. Noah and Dave love pumpkin pie but not me.

    I hate our pediatrician but I can't change, we only have one pediatrician office here.