Thursday, December 3, 2015


Here is a list of things I have done in the last couple of weeks that scare me:

Lost my glasses multiple times.
A couple of examples: today I placed my glasses on the passenger seat of the car when I switched to my sunglasses. Then I got home, came inside and forgot all about it.  Later, when I needed to leave, I spent a LONG time looking for them.  Frank found them in my car and I remembered what I had done.  A few days ago I lost my glasses for a full 24 hours.  Looked everywhere, repeatedly.  How do you lose something that usually sits on your face?  Found them on the floor by my nightstand.

I purchased something from the store and after I got it home, I realized I did not want it.  Being the organized person I am, I placed the receipt in the bag...which is what I usually do when I know I am going to return something.  Tonight I went to return it and at the register I spent a good deal of time searching my purse for the correct receipt.  I finally gave up and said I didn't have it.  They gave me a store credit.  As I was about to leave, the girl grabbed the bag to dispose of it and noticed something inside...yep, the receipt.

Purchased a Christmas gift online and had it shipped to my home.  Received it and have NO IDEA who I was planning to give it to.  It's been a day now and I still can't remember. I wrapped it and if I wait another day or two I will probably have to unwrap it to remember what's inside!

Also, thought about blogging a big long list of things that I had forgotten and then, when I went to blog, I forgot what they were!



  1. Oh, Debbie--I do love you! And I'm right here with you in this long-term memory experiment we call being (considerably) older than 25....

  2. I think of blogs all the time but when I sit down to write I never remember what the ideas were. You're normal!