Sunday, March 1, 2015

Outings with Isabelle

In the last couple of weeks I took Isabelle on three separate outings...just the two of us.
I love that she finally loves me.

She even threw a fit when I left the apartment the other day...
I felt bad for making her sad by leaving
and I felt bad for Amber for getting stuck with an unhappy toddler.
But it is a little bit fulfilling to know they love you enough to throw a fit when you leave.
(Amber was kind enough to take this picture so I could see)

For our first outing we went to the park.
It turned out to be too cold so we didn't stay long but we did go down the slide a few times.

I took her with me to my weekly lunch with mom and dad.
We had decided to eat at my parents house rather than go out
so I brought Isabelle along.
She really enjoyed the raspberry lemonade, had a few bites of  rice, 
and LOVED the stuffed dog that my parents have.

She did not love it when the Grandfather Clock began to chime, however.
Scared the crap out of her!
Then I took here with me to help Frank pick up his jeep from the repair shop.
On the way home I decided to detour to the local bakery.
Such a good idea.
The place has tables that are painted with chalkboard paint.
It's a toddler's dream!

I bought her a donut but she really couldn't focus on it...the drawing was too much fun.
So we put it in a bag for later.

She loved it so much that I really want to take her back.  Maybe we'll do lunch. 

I hope her experience there doesn't become a bad habit at home though...
luckily I'm the grandma and don't have to deal with that.

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