Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Isabelle loves snow

It snowed!
Yes, we have had one full day of winter here in Utah.
Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but only slight.

My granddaughter Isabelle LOVES the snow.

She will play in it for a long time...
long after you can tell she is freezing and her hands are cold and wet.
she doesn't care!
snow is so darn fun!

Today Isabelle and her mom, Amber,
built a snow man and a snow dog together.

I joined them after that...

I just basically followed her around with my phone
 taking pictures and videos.

 This kid is so cute.

We brought poor Kaylee out 
(in the middle of her nap)
so I could take a picture with the two of them for Frank
He requested a picture of me with both girls and gave me 15 minutes to do it...
You can't give me constraints like that and expect a good shot!

 Isabelle helped Amber shovel the walk...

Yep, I followed them with the phone as Amber worked.
I'm awesome that way.

 Isabelle loved the untouched snow of the front yard!

Amber's pretty cute too

No she wasn't asking why I wasn't helping...nice girl!

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