Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Background info:
In our church we have this thing called "Family Home Evening".  We get together every Monday as a family and either have a lesson of some kind, or an activity, or any number of other things a family might do together.
So,  at the condo where my parents live, since there are no kids, the adults all get together for Family Home Evening.  One couple chooses to be in charge.


This Monday my parents signed up to be in charge and then my Dad asked all of us local kids to help him out.

So, we put on a family show (for lack of a better word).

We sang some songs.  A couple of the more talented of us (my son Ryan and my sister Diane) played some piano pieces.  My adorable little niece sang a song. And we told some fun family stories. And my sister read a poem that my dad wrote for my mom...oh my gosh, it was so sweet.

We had kids, grandkids and even great-grandkids there.

This is it.

This is exactly the kind of thing I looked forward to doing when I imagined living here.

These are the kind of things I missed out on.

We did not sound fantastic when we sang.
But as we sang I started to tear up.  I just felt all kinds of squishy feelings about my family.
I am so happy to be near them all. I really love this kind of thing.

Afterwards we had a family dinner and celebrated all of the family birthdays for February.

There weren't enough plates and I forgot the cheese for the Hawaiian Haystacks.

It was perfect.

Here is a bit of the last song we sang.  Amber was taking the video while holding a baby so you get to hear Kaylee in the background and it ends a little early...but that just makes it more awesome to me.

Perfectly imperfect.


  1. This is Danielle, Debbie thanks for sharing this! I love the family and miss family get togethers.

  2. You made me cry! Thanks for sharing. I sure love your family and miss mine. :)

  3. Wow. that totally made me cry for some reason! That was the first time I watched that video too.

  4. Yep. Best post ever. I just re-read it and it made me cry again. :)

    1. Wow! That is good if I can make you cry twice! 😀

  5. Thanks for including me. I didn't mean to get emotional talking about mom and dad, but that's pretty much the way things are now. I think it gets better with age...