Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring has sprung and other news

The saying goes "April showers bring May flowers"
but with the super mild winter we had here
I'm afraid I have March (and a few February) flowers.
doing their best during our recent snow

Someone in the neighborhood was recently bemoaning the fact
that their fruit trees were beginning to bud...
and that if we have a freeze 
(which is fairly likely at this early date, strange winter not withstanding)
 his trees will be in bad shape.
All I could think at the time was
"Oh I hope my cherry trees are budding!  And we have a huge freeze!"

Cherries all over the yard are a pain.
Frank has started his seeds for his garden.
Since its located in my laundry room, I have gotten more involved than usual.
I water and watch them and get all attached.

Our first little sprouts!
transplanted to larger pots
today!  They are getting so big! *sniff sniff*

Yes, attached.
He occasionally comes in and without any warning, simply cuts down some of the plants
(supposedly thinning them is best for them...but heartless!)
Gardening is too hard on my heart.

I have to admit, though, as a child I would get attached to rocks.
A story for another time.
But I do have a history of getting attached to things that most people don't get attached to.
I have been sick for about 9 days now.
Or something like that...feels longer.
I had a cold which never got better then started to get worse.
I finally went to the doctor and I currently have bronchitis and an ear infection.

Anyway, I have been trying really hard during this illness to be a little less 
whiny, helpless and pathetic.
I am usually (extremely) all of those things.
I have drugged myself up with Tylenol Cold and Sinus and 
run errands
gone to church to hear my son talk
taken kids here or there
read to grandkids
played in the yard
I did usually whine at night though.
My sister and I arranged to do some canning together.
So this morning I went over there and started prepping.
I cut up almost 40 pounds of chicken!
But, oh my gosh, I felt like crap.
I wanted to lay on her counter and sleep.

So my sister says to me "Why don't you go home and lay down?"
I did.
She kept on working and canned those 40 pounds of chicken.
I got this picture in a text from her

and she said "Don't we look productive?!"
Nice of her to say "we"
when I was actually home in bed the whole day.

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