Monday, March 23, 2015

9 days

I haven't written anything here in nine days!
Is it because my life is super boring and I have nothing to say?
Why, yes, it is.

Boring is actually the wrong word.
I don't believe in being bored.
Boredom isn't a thing in my life.
I may have blogged about it in the past...
if not, I'm sure I will in the future.

It's just that my life is very much the same from day to day.
I've recently added working out to my daily activities so that's new.
But not really noteworthy since I'm still too fat for my jeans.

I go to lunch with my parents every week.
I do laundry.
I clean bathrooms and vacuum and do dishes.
I occasionally read.
I go outside and walk.
I play with the grandkids.
I make dinner 
(ok, ok, not every night but I am doing better than I ever have before in my life)

But if I really think back on the last nine days I did have a few extra/different/fun things going on:

*Movie night at my sisters*
My mom mentioned wanting to watch her favorite movie
(The Student Prince)
on my sisters big screen.
So Diane arranged for all the gals to come over and watch it together.
It was fun!
We ate take out (no cooking for me!) and then watched the movie.
Summer and I sat on the back row of the theatre room and made a few snarky/mocking remarks about the old fashioned idea of "romantic" which is really just a guy being creepy and pushy and somehow still winning the girl over.

Yep, again.
The weather has been so nice that Frank decided on Sunday afternoon that he would take a vacation day the next day and we just hopped in the car.
We are spur of the moment people, that's for sure.
Instead of four-wheeling, we went rock hounding this time.
We went to a few different places and had a good time finding fossils, agate and quartz.

We saw some wildlife

When we came home, Frank put the rocks all over the kitchen counter to see what we had.

Several days later I asked him if there was a plan for the rocks or was my kitchen going to remain like this.
He said to just plan on it staying the way it was.
Oh goody.
Then the next day he cleaned it up.

*College kids visiting*
We invited a couple of MA kids here for dinner on Sunday.
They are here going to college and seemed happy to come over for a home cooked meal.
We had roast, carrots, rice and rolls...a typical Hill Sunday dinner.
I failed to take a group picture, which makes me mad.
I will have to have them over again soon I guess!

We played The Great Dalmuti for awhile.

Arthur taught Isabelle how to make a duck face for the camera.
It was so funny!

All he had to do is hold the camera up and say "duck face" and she would do it.
She really bonded with him and kept bringing him books to read.

We went back to the bakery with the chalkboard tables.
Took mom and dad there for lunch one day...
and I might have gone back a few other times for bread and/or donuts.
It might be a problem.

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  1. Your life sounds like pure heaven. Heaven, I say.