Monday, March 2, 2015

Curtain Woes (or The Joys of Living with Debbie)

I've posted pictures of my living room curtains before.
It took me a long time to come to the decision to even have curtains in this room
and then I had to pick fabric and style of curtain.
It's been a long road.

Then I hung them.

I was very careful
but the math of the thing was just beyond me.
Measuring is not my strong suit.

You have to figure out the length of the curtain
the rod thickness
the ring they are hanging from
and then hang the rod at exactly the right height.

It's all just so complicated.
(for me)

So after I got them hung, I realized they were just a little (just a smidge) too low.
They dragged on the ground.
Not enough to really look like I meant for them to "puddle".

I tried to accept it.
I really did.

I decided that I couldn't accept it and talked to frank about moving the rod.
He informed me that it would be a huge pain to move the rod such a little distance because of the anchors I'd had to use in the drywall.
(the studs are never where I need them to be)

I considered having my sister hem them.
(She told me she'd sew me anything I wanted as a birthday gift)
But they are so well done now, it seems silly to alter them.

I decided to just learn to like them the way they are.

I am being ridiculous.

Weeks go by.

They are driving me nuts!
I can't live with it!

So, my wonderful husband moved the rod for me.

It was, as he predicted, a pain.

I have some patching to do now...

but I am so much happier with the curtains!

They now just skim the carpet.
No "almost puddling".

Please excuse the poor night lighting and lack of editing.  I'm lazy.

It's such a relief.

Now, if I ever get the wood floors I want...
will they be too short?!

Oh, I am so fun to live with!


  1. I'm with you, it would have driven me nuts! I've moved things a 1/4 of an inch to get it just right....

    1. Thanks for having my back! haha Sometimes I think I must be crazy but stuff like this just can't be tolerated. I even notice it in other people's houses and it makes me nuts. How do people live with it?? Yes, I'm crazy.