Thursday, March 5, 2015

National Pancake Day

Did you know that Tuesday (March 3) was National Pancake Day?

One of my kids told me about this important holiday
and that fact that Ihop was offering free pancakes.

Well, I love to celebrate these obscure holidays that come along...
especially if they involve eating sweet and/or bad-for-me food.

I was in!

I've never really liked pancakes from a restaurant.
They just aren't that tasty.
Something about the texture is never quite right for me.

So I started doing some web searches for the best scratch pancake recipe.

I found one with lots of good reviews so I decided to make them.

I mean, what an easy dinner!
I had leftover baked potatoes so I cut them up and made home fries.
*I love me some home fries*
I cooked up some sausage.
And made some really delicious pancakes.
What kid doesn't love pancakes for dinner?
Amber putting up with me and my camera :-)

The only real problem with this kind of dinner is that its hard to get everything done at the same time and also be nice and hot.

loves pancakes, hates pictures
So as I cooked, we ended up eating all around the kitchen island...
some people never even sat down!
What a good husband to pose with his dinner.
We just gobbled up pancakes as they came off the griddle.

It was, indeed, a happy National Pancake Day for us.

Next up?
Pi Day!

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