Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Oct 2 lunch with Ma and Pa

We had our second installment of our weekly lunch
and I'm going to try to write down memories of each time
since, between my bad memory and my parents' bad memories
we are likely to forget we even went to lunch.

My parents have a membership to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point
(an awesome bday gift from my perfect sister)
so my Dad suggested that we meet there for a walk followed by lunch.

They go every morning except Sunday
and walk the grounds.

Here's a little tid-bit about my mom
She goes to the treadmill at her condo every morning
and walks 3 miles
they go to Thanksgiving Point and walk 2 more miles around the gardens.
The 2 miles around the gardens isn't enough of a workout
but it's just perfect if she does the treadmill first!
Wow, I felt like a slug hearing that
because I was kind of dreading the walk and thinking 
I hope I can keep up with my nearly 80 year old parents!

The gardens are gorgeous.

They were in the process of planting the bulbs for the fall
and there were thousands of bulbs set all around.
I can't wait to see them in the spring!

We also fed the Koi.
Those fish are very used to being fed!
They heard us on the deck and came up for snacks.

Then we went to the little cafe that is right there by the gardens.
The food was really delicious.
I was pleasantly surprised.
I couldn't finish my sandwich so I took it home for Carter
and even he said, "Wow, that was the best sandwich!"
So now that place is on my list for an outing with Frank.

Yes, I'm wearing Frank's oversized sweatshirt.  I try to look stunning at all times.

Since Mom and Dad go to Thanksgiving Point every day,
the people who work there all know them.
It was fun to have them say to me how much they love my parents.


  1. The Thanksgiving Point gardens are my favorite. just WAIT until your first tulip festival, you're going to die at how gorgeous it is there! I love that your parents go every day. My parents have a pass too but they really only go to get the grandkids in for free when they visit. :)