Monday, September 29, 2014


I've spent a minimum of a few minutes every day
for the last few weeks
scouring the online classified for the perfect dining table.

My dining room is tiny
so we've decided to set it up as a place where we can play games.
We like cards and play them fairly often as a family.

So a small, round table will be perfect!

My first thought was to get a cheap pedestal table,
refinish it
and get some cute chairs.

There are a million of these

Oak tables
with or without a leaf
claw foot or similar

I found one for $15
and was all set to go get it
when hubby made the comment that it was so boring
and why wasn't I spending a little more to get something better


So I kept searching
and added furniture stores
and consignment shops to the places I looked.

I can find some gorgeous pedestal tables for about $1200
But, yeah. $1200
ain't happenin

Of course, to add to the difficulties,
I have something specific in my mind.
Dark wood table (color to coordinate or match the top of my buffet)

with white, cushioned chairs.

Once you have something specific in your head, it seems harder to find it.
An open mind is way better.

I keep finding things that seem pretty good
but not perfect
and what if I get it and don't love it.

I found this at a consignment shop

The pedestal is really pretty
but the top is a little unusual
and it's an antique
and he wants to sell it as a set...
But I really want cushioned chairs.
He reluctantly said he'd sell the table separately
but then I have guilt over separating the set
which is, after all, a lovely antique dining set.

Frank expects me to go buy it any minute.
It's a good price.
But I'm still scouring the ads
and being indecisive.

I'm not sure if the color is right
and I don't want to willy nilly refinish an antique table that is in great shape the way it is now.

Plus, I still have to find chairs that look right with whatever table I choose.

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I can't decide!

To make matters worse,
all this online searching has caused me to branch out
(you know, just to see what's out there)
so I'm looking at end tables of all types
and coffee tables
and I can barely contain myself when I see a lovely old dresser!

I'm going to end up with five or six refinishing/painting projects if I'm not careful.

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