Monday, October 20, 2014

Moab Day Two

*picture heavy post warning*

Day Two in Moab!

First, we went to church, since it's Sunday.
I remembered to pack a skirt but somehow my shoes didn't make it into my bag...
so I went to church in a skirt and running shoes.
I am awesome that way.

Our first order of business was to go see a couple of the arches we didn't see the first day.
Day One was overcast but Day Two had the most amazing blue sky.
Both days we had perfect weather.

We saved a few arches for our next trip out
but we did go to the Windows section of the park which has the famous
double arch.

And here we have Frank
catching up on his email...

Then we were off to our 4 wheeling adventure for the day:

Shafer Trail in Canyon Lands National Park

This trail included some gorgeous scenery (of course) and was a less intimidating trail in general.

Parts of the scenery were very unusual...
made me think of Mars

A very cool, balanced rock

My view through our bug encrusted windshield

We were struck by how much the scenery reminded us of a typical "Western" movie

This spot reminded me of Lord of the Rings for some reason...
It looked like a castle on top of the mountain:

There were a few scary spots.
Narrow shelves over high cliffs.

The "goose neck" section of the Colorado River

More scenery:

Penis Rock
(not its real name...but seemed fitting)

One famous point along the drive:
Thelma and Louise Point
(here is a composite, panoramic view from Thelma and Louise Point)

Then we entered the 
"intimidating but easy" Shafer switchbacks

These pictures do not do justice to how picturesque
and also
these switchbacks were.

Do you see that little yellow jeep there in the picture below?
It's there. Right in the middle.
We just passed that jeep a minute before.
And we were on the outside.
by the EDGE.
I almost lost it.

Driving along...trying to distract myself by taking pictures
and also trying to show HOW CLOSE we are to the edge of a huge cliff

The view as we reached the top:

After the drive, we headed home.

It was a fun, tiring, enjoyable, thrilling, scary, interesting, beautiful weekend.

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  1. That is super scary! When we drove through Ouray, CO last summer I felt the same way. No guardrails, right on the edge. It was terrifying, and that was a PAVED HIGHWAY. I would've died! You guys are brave.