Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peach Crisp and Pumpkin Carving

As you know,
I've been posting a lot about all the peaches I've been eating, freezing and canning.
I would wax poetic to my family about how I couldn't wait to make peach crisp.

About a week ago, I got a text from my brother saying something like this
(I can't find the actual text, darn I'm paraphrasing)
I would definitely like to partake of some of the peach crisp you've been talking about making.
When should be come over for some of that?

So we set up a date for peach crisp and pumpkin carving!

*side story*
when I told Carter that family was coming over he said
"cool! what are we doing?"
"carving pumpkins"
(picture this next sentence said with an upbeat, perky sort of voice)
"Oh! I hate carving pumpkins!"
*end side story*

My parents were also invited, but they forgot to come.
Too many social engagements for one night.
And my Dad turned off his cell phone...
so we spent the evening repeatedly calling them and wondering if they were ok.
They were.
Dion went over afterwards to make sure and sent me a picture to prove that they were fine.
None of the texts from Dion are on my phone idea why.
So that picture is unavailable.
But, really, they are fine!

Ok I guess that was TWO side stories.

We had stew and bread
Peach Crisp for dessert
(with ice cream of course)
It was my first time making peach crisp from frozen peaches
so it was kinda runny.
but still tasty.

Then we carved.

I tried to go all designery
(yes, I made that word up)
and used a drill to make a simple pattern on mine.
Frank also decided to use the drill
and ended up with the 4x4 design I have already shared previously.
There is also some fancy scrollwork on the back.

We had some traditional pumpkins
We had one chicken pumpkin
A BYU pumpkin

Even the babies had a good time
Isabelle with a cold nose

Isabelle with Grandpa

Kaylee happily sucking on Nevin's finger inside the warm house!

It was good fun!

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  1. I also hate carving pumpkins but thought I might try a drill this year to make it more enjoyable for me. I just hate scooping the guys! Looks like a fun night!