Thursday, October 30, 2014

Football with the guys

Last weekend
(October 24-25)
I went with my brother, my nephew, my cousins, their sons, a couple of their guy friends and my uncle to a BYU football game in Boise.
My niece was also there with her boyfriend...
we were the two token females.
I felt super excited just to be invited!

We won't talk about the game.
Because, if you follow college football at all, you know that it was an embarrassment.

But, the experience.
That is worth talking about!

It was a five hour drive in my little tiny car.
Me, my uncle David, my brother Daren and his son, Jared
(you can see him sitting next to me in the picture above)
I can't even express how happy I was to get to go on this trip.
The boys go on these get-aways on occasion
and I usually hear about it from a long distance away
and I feel jealous.
Cousins Delos and James hamming it up in the background.
Love these guys!

I hope that now that I've attended one of these events
I will be automatically invited to the next one.
We'll see.

The highlight of the trip was...
the drive.

10 hours in the car with my Uncle David and brother Daren
(Jared was nice too, but honestly he was very quiet)
We talked and talked 
and heard old family stories
and just enjoyed being together.

I remember looking at my GPS and being afraid that we were getting close
(meaning the ride would be over)
and when I saw that we still had 2 hours to go
I was relieved.
Whew, I still get two more hours!

No kidding.

When my brother, Dion, heard that I was going to be driving up with Uncle David
he said, "Wow, 10 hours in the car with Uncle David! That's going to be awesome!"

and it was.

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  1. I knew James went but I had no idea the rest of you did! How fun! I love that you were there, I think you're the first girl to go on a football trip. Too bad about the game though.