Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall in Utah

It is officially fall
and I really love fall!
(when I can get over the fact that fall precedes winter)

So, this last weekend
Frank and I decided to go for a ride in the canyon to see the fall foliage.

It was beautiful.
There is lots of yellow and some nice orange

and the combination of the evergreens and the mountains (grays and browns)
 along with the fall colors
is really quite lovely.


(you knew there was a "but")

I can't help but compare it to fall in New England.
And I'm sorry...
there is just no comparison.

I try not to compare.
I try to appreciate the beauty that is here for me to enjoy.

It was a beautiful ride.

But the people here just go GAGA over the AMAZING foliage.
They don't know what they are missing
so I guess that's good.

But I know.
And I miss Fall in New England.

But since I don't have access to fall in New England anymore
(and, no, pictures on the internet do not count)
I will go out,
drive in the canyon,
and appreciate the beauty that is
Fall in Utah

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  1. My second BYU roommate was from MA and a few weeks into the fall semester she got a package in the mail...full of LEAVES. And she CRIED. Now I did not really get along with this roommate and we didn't understand each other (mostly because as a joke I sent her a picture of a black girl so she thought she had a black roommate and then she met me and did not think it was funny) but at the time I wanted to seriously smack her. Now I get it. Homesick, and fall in Utah just doesn't cut it when you're used to New England. So I won't smack you, I'll say I'm sorry. :)