Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally, a skill I can use

I recently visited my Aunt and Uncle
and saw some nice changes they've made to their house.

I noticed that my Aunt and I have very similar taste
and she's done some things that I have been wanting to do.

She said that every single day
she sees these changes and it makes her happy!
I know I would feel the same way.

Whenever I mention changes that I'd like to make to the house,
Frank turns off.
I can see it in his eyes...
He doesn't want to know
Doesn't want to hear it
Doesn't want to do any of my projects.

It's frustrating.
He doesn't realize that these things would make me happy
every single day.

And if he truly believes
"happy wife, happy life"
then you'd think he'd be on board 100%, wouldn't you?

I asked my Aunt how she got her hubby to finally see reason
and make the changes.

My uncle said that she had learned an important skill that she used.
It is called "gentle pressure, relentlessly applied"

Now there's a skill that I can use!

I informed Frank of the wise words of my Aunt and Uncle.
And warned him that it seemed like a good time to begin using my new skill.

He's super excited.


  1. On a smaller scale, that's how I convinced my husband it was okay to spend money on flowers for the front yard. It makes me happy every single time I drive up to my house to see those flowers growing instead of weeds! Can't wait to see your changes!

  2. Of course, your mom also told me how long it took for her method to work...which was not very encouraging! :-/

    1. True. But it should give you hope that maybe someday it will happen?