Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lunch with Mom and Dad X2

For lunch on October 16th
We went to Cabela's.

If you don't know what Cabela's is,
its a big sporting goods store here in Utah
(might also be in other places, but I do not know enough about Cabela's to help you out there)

It's really a big place
and is full of all kinds of things
like, for example,
Lots and lots of taxidermy.

It's not really my thing.

My mom really likes how they have it set up very realistically.
They did a nice job, I admit.
But, yeah, taxidermy.

But there were also big fish tanks (live fish) which were very cool.
I prefer live animals.

Carter was off school for Fall Break so he came along as well.

One of the things my Dad likes about Cabela's is that you can get cool, interesting foods at their diner.
In the spirit of things, Carter got a buffalo (I suppose it's bison) burger.
I got regular beef.
I'm really not that into trying new things.

Afterwards we went to the outlet shops next door so that Carter could go to the Van's store.
He's had his eye on a certain pair of vans and hasn't been able to find them in his size.
The outlet had one pair
and it was a size 11!
It was a miracle.
So, of course he snatched them up.

In case you can't tell,
they have stars on one side, stripes on the other.

We also hit the chocolate store because,
why not?!

Another successful lunch!


Today, October 30th, we went to 
The Garden
A beautiful restaurant on the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City
Gorgeous view!

It's one of Dad's favorite places.
and the food was delicious!

We walked around a bit outside
and the weather was completely gorgeous.

I want some pansies and whatever this other orange flower is.

I want my front garden to look like this.
But without all the digging in the dirt.
Is that possible?


  1. Love it. Thanks for doing that. Sorry I couldn't join you, but I did take "Best homemade costume" in the company contest today. (3 prizes + 3 contentants = everyone is a winner!)

    1. Nice! Congrats on the big win! Was it your Adams Family costume or something else?

  2. It IS possible. Frank has proved himself an amazing gardener, just make him do it. Also, you guys go fun places for lunch!