Saturday, November 1, 2014

First time trick-or-treating

Yesterday was Isabelle's first time to go trick-or-treating.

She hasn't been feeling well lately
so we weren't sure she was going to be able to go...
but in the end, she felt well enough
and was up for donning her amazing and adorable
chicken costume!
(chickens are her favorite animal)

Amber made her this cute costume!

She didn't want to do the walking
so she road in the stroller 
and then Amber would carry her up to each door.
(she's still a bit cranky from being sick)

first house EVER to trick-or-treat

She liked to hold the candy in her hand.
Why in heaven's name would she put it in a bag when she could hold it?
I understand completely. 

One in each hand is even better!
Until Mom tries to take one away and put it in the bag...

The sunset was GORGEOUS.
This is straight out of my camera:

Isabelle quickly got the hang of things
and would smile and be excited to go to each new house.

She would knock on the door

And was excited to exchange whatever candy was in her hand
for something new!

This house gave her a full size candy bar!

After holding candy for several houses,
she started to wonder why she wasn't able to have any!
So Amber gave her a small taste.
Oh, the wonder of Halloween.

During all the fun, 
Kaylee was happily snoozing in the stroller
(she was dressed in a cute cow dress, but you can't tell)

We only went about two blocks and she was ready to be done.

Of course, no Halloween would be complete without the melt down afterwards
(I find these things much more amusing now that I'm not the parent)

Taking a costume off is such a stressful experience...

We haven't had trick-or-treaters in a long long time.
So now that we are back in a neighborhood, 
we were excited to get some!
We had over 100 (I think)
I went through a whole costco size bag of candy.

If you are curious what the least favorite candy bar is,
I will show you what is left in my bowl:

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  1. A little girl in my ward had that exact chicken costume. These must have been a Pinterest tutorial or something? Crazy cute! Halloween is so fun with little kids. I went through an entire costco bag of candy just on our trunk or treat, it was nuts! Iran out even before all the kids were done.