Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am awesome

You may recall that I recently switched all of my cookware
from the cheapo non-stick stuff
to a combination of stainless steal and cast iron

For years, Frank has been trying to convince me to use cast iron.
He swears they are easy to use and cook so much nicer.
I always avoided it.
We had some cast iron cookware in the back of the cupboard but only Frank ever used it.
and then it would sit on the counter
waiting to get cleaned.

I would finally do it.
The way I usually do...
soap and water.
And he would tell me I was doing it wrong.

Cast iron is too much trouble!

But over time I've become more and more concerned about all the strange things we are putting in our bodies, including teflon coating and aluminum cookware...
this stuff that makes its way into the foods we cook.

And so I switched.

And I've been so happy

I'm still a little bit bad at the cleaning thing when it comes to the cast iron.
I do often tell Frank he is "in charge" of cleaning the cast iron.
and he will.
But I'm learning about doing it right.
Went to youtube and watched all about seasoning and caring for my pans.
Youtube is amazing.
People who put videos there just to teach others are amazing.

By now you are probably wondering why this post is titled 
I am awesome.

Well, I cooked myself some scrambled eggs in my gorgeous large cast iron pan.
Fairly new...Frank gave it to me as a gift.
Eggs are probably the one thing that would work better in a teflon pan
but its usually not too bad.
When it came time to clean the pan I decided to put some water in and heat it up to make it a little easier.
...and then I went shopping...


I am that awesome.

I came home to a house FILLED with smoke.
and the smell
oh the smell

very very burned eggs
and burned pan

I kept my head and removed with pan from the stove top without burning myself or breaking anything
I set it where it would cool gradually
I opened all the windows

and I took a picture

Frank is definitely in charge of cleaning this pan.

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