Thursday, May 2, 2013


This is our big One Year Cancer Survivor Trip.  We decided to go to Turks and Caicos.  We've been there before a few years ago and it was the most amazing vacation we'd ever had. So, even though we are going at a different time of year we're hoping it will be equally amazing!

Even though its a celebration of Frank surviving, we didn't talk about cancer at all.  There was no celebratory dinner or anything like that.  We just did what we do now...enjoyed every day.

I don't think cancer has changed Frank much but one thing about him that is a tad different is that he is now a little more of a "family man".  He used to occasionally say things like "we have got to get away" and he'd want to go on a vacation together.  But now when we were planning this trip he said," I think we should take Carter." So, we brought Carter...lucky duck.

A few things we love about Turks and Caicos:
You drive on the other side of the road...kinda fun for a week.
The driver's side of the car is on the other side.
It's not too crowded (at least the two times we've gone)
Gorgeous blue, clear water.
Lots of amazing fish and reefs (is reefs a word?) to see right from the beach.  Amazing snorkeling!

We got a hotel room with a kitchen and we went and got groceries first thing.
We didn't eat out much which saved us a lot of money (and stress since eating is not that fun for Frank right now).
We had an amazing time!

A few pictures:

The view from our room.  We had a "garden view" room which looked over the "quiet" pool (which got surprisingly loud at night).

The walkway to the beach.

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  1. It looks sooo amazing. Can I tag along next time?