Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vacation IV

The final installment of our big vacation.

We found an amazing beach with a sunken ship out in the water.
It was so unbelievably beautiful!
I relaxed on the beach while Carter and Frank snorkeled around and eventually went out to the ship to investigate (turned out to be only so-so by the boat...hadn't been there long enough I guess).

 Can you see how clear the water is?  Check out all those fish!


headed out to the ship...

A pelican came to keep me company on the beach.

Carter got to go parasailing on Saturday

 They dunked him in the water. :-)

 Frank took this super awesome picture of me:

 We were still on the lookout for pink flamingos so Frank got super excited when he saw this heron...white heron.  But he insisted that we call it a baby pink we could say we saw one.
He stalked it for awhile to try to get a picture.  You might have to squint in some of them.

And our final beach day.
GREAT snorkeling, a visit to the park--Carter and Frank trying out the long lost experience of a see-saw, a picnic by the beach.

On our last day before heading out to the airport, we went to church in the local congregation of our church
(Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints--or Mormons)
It was a congregation of about 45 people and it was pretty awesome.
Here's the building:

And that's the end of our adventure!


  1. Wow! That looks amazing. The sunken ship looked small at first, but once I saw the picture of Frank and Carter next to it I was surprised at the size! Next time force Frank or Carter to take a few GOOD pictures of you!

  2. Do the fish touch you when you snorkel? I'm not sure I'd like that part...I can't believe how beautiful the water is! And parasailing looks AWESOME. Did you try it?

  3. The fish don't touch you generally...they run away. I've done parasailing before (once) and so I wanted Carter to have a chance to do it alone without mom. The guys on the boat were trying to make me feel guilty for sending him up there all alone (like it would be boring without someone to talk to or something) but I stuck to my guns. haha