Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vacation III

 I'm having trouble remembering which day we did what.  My memory is awesome!
So instead of trying to remember the order of things, I'll be listing some of the fun things we a random order.

Get ready for lots of pictures...

We drove to the end of the island to a beach called The Pirates cove.  A very cool place!
We hiked around a while and found a ladder going down into the rocks.  So we went down the slightly rickety ladder into a beautiful little cove.
We snorkeled and walked on the beach.  
We saw tons of star fish (huge ones!), a manta ray that swam right by us near the beach, and really enjoyed the day there.

Here's the rickety ladder that we found going down into a cave type of thing by the water...

Coming out of the cave, we were in a beautiful cove, shallow enough to walk all the way around to the beach.

See the rock overhang?  We snorkeled under there later.  It was cool!

Our first starfish

The manta'll just have to trust me. :-)

We took a boat to Middle and North Caicos
The last time we were here we had a great day on these two islands
and exploring.
And these islands are known for the pink flamingos that live there.

So we arrived early in the day and immediately starting looking for somewhere to have breakfast.
and we looked
and looked
and drove 
and drove
we stopped and saw a couple of nice beaches along the way though so it wasn't totally wasted.

But we did drive a lot.
We finally ended up eating at the first restaurant that had seen...way back at the other end of the island!

We explored a cool cave

We ended the day on a lovely beach where we snorkeled.

I laid under this little overhang to keep out of the sun...until the tide started coming in that is.

I thought these were the coolest little plants!
They look like caterpillars when you first look at them, but they are plants.
Very colorful!

The only bummer of the day?
After spending a lot of time looking...we saw ZERO pink flamingos!
Last time there were tons!
So dissappointing.  I wonder where they all went?


  1. How come there are no other people in your photos? Were you the only ones on the island?

  2. This is our favorite thing about this island! We have gorgeous beaches all to ourselves! The beach right by the hotels are more crowded plus a couple of favorites close by the hotel area but we like to venture out a bit and be alone. It's awesome.