Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby Blessing

Isabelle was blessed this last weekend in Utah.
Frank got to go out there for a little visit to meet Isabelle and be a part of this special occasion.

Here is a picture from his first meeting

Looks like Isabelle has grown a ton!

The blessing dress looked very cute on her.
I sure am thankful to my awesome mother in law, Janice, for making it!
I sent her my wedding dress and she used the fabric and lace to make a lovely little dress.
She even used the original hem from my dress!  I painstakingly (if imperfectly) sewed little pearls along the hem of my wedding dress.

My in-laws drove from Oregon to be there
And my parents came too (but didn't stay for pictures...sad).
Plus my brother and two sisters and their families also came to be a part of this special day also.
They all live close
Amber's family also lives in the same town so they were there too.

I hope Frank took lots of pictures that I will see/share when he gets home.

For now, here are a few that he texted to me.

Daddy Branden with cute little Isabelle

My sister, Diane

 Grandma Janice (the seamstress) with Grandaddy in the background

 Grandpa Frank
(just gotta love the socks on her hands!  I did that all the time too)

 Another one of Daddy Branden.  Isabelle looks like she's talking in this one.

The family!


  1. They are so lucky to have so much family nearby to come support them. What an awesome thing for them.

    Also, Diane looks amazing! :)

  2. Awww so sweet! Congrats to baby Isabelle on her blessing!