Saturday, February 18, 2017

To paint or not to paint

I am almost done with the painting of all the trim in the house. Whew!
I have 2 more doors, 2 more doorways, the crown moulding over the fireplace (very small area), and the baseboard in the front room.
Ok, when I list it out like that it doesn't really sound like I'm almost done...but compared to how much I had when I started, I feel SO CLOSE.
So, of course, I am beginning to wonder what my next project will be.

My long term goals include redoing the kitchen and laundry room cabinets and getting hard wood floors.  But these are very long term goals. Very.  I am saving up but it'll be a while for sure.

I am starting to wonder if I should paint my kitchen cabinets as a temporary fix since I can't get them replaced anytime soon.  A few of them are broken in one way or another but they all function, if imperfectly.  I could do some minor fixes before painting...a little wood glue and a screw here or there will help make things work a bit better.
But the idea of painting a kitchen just sounds so overwhelming!  Plus there's all the cleaning and deglossing that has to take place in advance of painting.  Of course, painting the trim was also overwhelming and it hasn't been that bad really.
It's a lot of cabinets though.

This morning I asked Frank if he would be open to helping paint the kitchen when I finished the trim project.  He said he'd be happy to help by not complaining as I do it. Ha! He also offered Carter as an assistant.  I was already planning on that. :-)

I've always got about 5 projects rolling around in my head and this is just one of them.

I was talking about all the things I've been thinking about doing and Frank said, "I keep hoping you'll finish one project before thinking of a new one."  He is SO RIGHT.  I'm always thinking of new things even though I have tons left to do on projects I've already started.  The good news is, I do always finish my projects when I start them.  Eventually.

Since the painting of the trim requires some drying time, I've been doing numerous other projects at the same time.  Making curtains for the guest room/office, looking for/buying a hide-a-bed couch for the guest room/office, and painting the master bathroom.

Painting projects always feel more doable to me than other kinds of projects because I can do it myself pretty easily.

I've also been looking at light fixtures online (I haven't told Frank that I want to replace some of our lights), looking at rugs online, considering painting my white cabinet again since it's looking a bit raggedy, trying to decide if I should sell a couple of the dressers I have around here and getting new (old) ones to redo.

So, anyway, that's what I've been doing.

What do you think? Paint the kitchen or no?


  1. I find I have to have another project in mind before I finish one. My projects are my motivation to do what I need to do (dishes, laundry, getting out of bed) and looking forward to starting a new one is better than the feeling of having finished one. As for painting the kitchen, when I had the old plastic-coated cabinet doors, I couldn't stand them but I was pretty sure the paint would come off so I wall-papered them! It was a different, kind of fun feeling, and when I got tired of one pattern it was super easy to take off and change the pattern but I was very glad when hubby said we could get new ones.

  2. We might want to purchase one of your dressers. Let me know before you put them up for sale on line. As for painting the kitchen, I think it depends on how much you really dislike the current ones.

  3. I want to paint my cabinets so bad. But i have 21 cabinets just on top, not counting drawers and cabinets on the bottom. I put the question to my friends on IG the other day because I have three friends that have recently done it. The overwhelming response was "NO." Now I have two babies and not a lot of time, but while all three love the end result, it was an intense time commitment. my friend Carrie said "So much work. Like insane. In hindsight, we decided we should have just paid someone. Prep and actual painting took probably 60 hours. But we did paint inside and out and we used a sprayer (so lots of taping off and John set up a spray tent in the garage). You could probably cut some corners and shed a little time off of that. Part of the work was inventing a system that would allow us to paint and have a safe place for them to dry--pretty much took up our entire three car garage to do that. I don't want to discourage you I'm just realistic with how much work it takes." My cousin Jenn said "It really really is super time intensive. I would pay someone to paint them. it takes forever." My friend Jessica said "I love the result but it was such big project. It took me months but that's because I did it in sections. I took one set of doors off and I could only work on it at night so that one set would take 2-3 days because of all the coats and sealer and putting them back on." So. If you're up for it, I'd say do it! But prepare yourself for the amount of time it takes!!