Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Random weird thing again.

So, lately I've been having lots and lots and lots of migraines.
My head is seriously out of control.
And it's the worst.

But anyway, that's not what this post is about. Not really.

Because I have been having so many migraines, I have had to go to the ER/instacare/headache clinic for emergency treatment when the regular meds don't do anything.
Honestly, the regular meds never seem to do anything but whatever.

So, when I go to the clinic/ER/instacare, they give me a couple of shots in the hip usually.

Turns out depending on where you go, they give the shot in a slightly different place.

butt, hip and even upper thigh have been used.
I know I went to nursing school a long time ago but have they really changed where they give shots?  I mean, I don't think the human anatomy has changed that much in 20 years (or whatever...I didn't do the math ok?)

But one particular time, the nurse gave me a shot in kind of the front of my hip. It was the weirdest shot ever and when she gave me the second shot my leg jumped and it hurt and I was like,"that cannot be good."  But I had a headache so I just went with it and pretended all was fine.

My hip hurt for a long time.
And now, weeks later, that part of my hip and outer leg is freakishly numb.
It's actually kind of a mixture of hurting and being numb at the same time.

I sometimes find myself scratching or rubbing that area because it is hurting a bit but when I scratch, it feels numb.

It's super weird.

My headache doctor told me that it would gradually improve and I was not ruined forever.  So I'm hoping that's true.

This has been your random weird Debbie thing of the day.

You are welcome.


  1. Oh man Debbie. I am so sorry. That is just so awful for you. I will say though that after my kidney surgery when I was 13, the area on my stomach around my belly button was numb for years. I don't even know when the feeling came back because I can feel it now but I know I never could feel it all through high school. I guess the huge incision on my side caused it? But it didn't hurt, it was just numb. So maybe the feeling will come back?

  2. But it did feel itchy! even if it didn't hurt!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your migraines! I wish somebody would figure out what's triggering them or at least how to help you. And I hope your hip pain and numbness eventually goes away too. Ugh!