Wednesday, February 8, 2017

House projects update

I have still been working on a variety of house projects over here.
The fun never ends!
(we hope it does end eventually...but it'll be awhile)

I am continuing the painting of all the trim and doors in the house.  I am currently working on the French doors that have lots of windows.  It took me forever to tape those doors and my back hurt I didn't even paint the first coat that day.  Frank keeps hoping I will speed up but it appears that I am actually slowing down. Once the french doors are done, I have 4 more regular doors and lots and lots and lots of trim to paint. Sometimes when I look around the house at how much is left to do, I feel a little depressed.  But I will soldier on! I have no choice...

The white doors and trim make me even happier than I thought they would though.

This shows the color of the trim and ceilings before when I was just starting to paint the white.
You can see it's a big difference and having things be white has really lightened the house up a lot!
This is kind of a dark house and the beige wasn't helping.

This is the view of the crown moulding in my bedroom. When I lay down in my bed and see the white ceiling, white crown moulding and blue walls it really does make me feel happy.  Kinda weird, right?


Frank and I built a window seat in the soon to be guest room/office.
I found plans online and Frank did nearly all of the work...I did the painting after it was all together but he did all the carpentry work.  It was amazing!  I was afraid I would have to build the whole thing myself but he really came through.

He kept reminding me that he is not a finish carpenter.  He likes to rough things in but perfection is not his thing. But it came out pretty good in the end. And it looked harder than I originally thought it would it's a good thing I didn't try to do it myself.
Now I just need to make a cushion for the top.

The top opens and we can store extra blankets and pillows inside.

I made curtains for this bedroom as well.  I have the whole room planned out if only things will turn out the way I want. I have been fabric shopping both in stores and online for curtain fabric and also fabric for the cushion for the new window seat.

I had the curtain fabric all picked out until I went to Ikea and saw something very similar for way cheaper and I bought it on a whim.  Then I spent two days lining the new curtains because it's just too easy to hem and hang...I must turn it into a major project!  I don't know why I am like this.

This is the fabric I was leaning towards before going to Ikea.  It was $35 a yard!  Of course I was going to use a coupon...but still.
The Ikea fabric was a total of $24 for enough fabric for all the windows with leftover that I might use to make a pillow or two.  Or a skirt.  Who knows.

Lots of measuring and pinning and ironing.

This is after hanging them the first night.
I am not really happy with them but I do love the fabric so that's a start.

I don't know how to tell Frank that the rod he put together for me really isn't working out.
The rings don't slide.  It makes me sad.
But whenever he comes in the room he rants and raves about how wonderful they look in the hopes that I will believe him. He knows deep down that he's gonna have to figure out a new rod...but I'll let him be in denial a bit longer.

I plan to put a hide-a-bed couch into this room so I'm having trouble picking the fabric for the cushion on the window seat before I have the couch fabric picked out.  I'm also worried that a hide-a-bed couch won't actually fit down the hall and in through the doorway of this room.  That would be a major sticking point.

I have done a little shopping but almost all of the couches that come as sleepers have just one or two options for fabric.  I don't want a beige or brown couch please! ugh. 
Today I did find one couch that had a green fabric option.  I am sorely tempted. Sorely.

The computer screen makes this look a little bit brown/beige but it's not, it's a fun green that makes me want to squeal with delight.

I've had so many projects going on and the place has been torn up for so long that Frank is now happy with little bits of progress.

For quite awhile we had no doors on anything.
No bedroom door, no bathroom door.
If he stood in front of his closet he could see through the bedroom doorway into the room across the hall (which also had no door) and out the window to the street (I took down the blinds on that window as well).
Not gonna lie, he got a bit tired of having to hide behind a wall so no neighbors saw him getting dressed.
Now we have doors on all the bedrooms, curtains are up and I even put the doorknobs back on!
I am super thoughtful that way.


  1. Wow! You are a DIY project machine!!! Just reading this makes me tired. The house looks AWESOME! We won't even recognize it next time we visit!

  2. I love that window seat and your curtains. You really are amazing.