Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Something to be thankful for each day January 2017

I'm doing something different this year.  I am writing something I'm thankful for each day this year...month by month.  Here is January.

Jan 1-An amazing talk given by Brother Atkinson in Sacrament meeting about standing up for what is right.  Talked about the vote for Suffrage and also President Monson in the Navy.  Touched my heart. Also a good email from Carter...he is feeling better!  Keep praying with faith.
Jan 2- Beautiful snowfall. Anytime I see something beautiful in nature, I'm reminded of God's love for humankind. He made this beautiful place for us.
Jan 3- An older woman reached out to me to go to lunch together. Our birthdays are close so we celebrated together. We have a lot in common, even though we are 37 years apart in age. Talking to her calmed my troubled heart.
Jan 4- Doneen came to help me finish the painting that has to be done before the carpet comes next week.  She has a lot on her own plate and came to help me.  That was nice :-)
Jan 5- My birthday!  How can I not thank God for one more year of life?  I'm thankful for that.
Jan 6-I worked in the temple today and found out that one of the other ladies there in the cafeteria (Ann) has the same birthday as I do.  It's always a lovely day in the temple.
Jan 7-Today my sweet husband threw me a birthday party.  He went overboard with decorations, planned games, got yummy food.  I'm thankful for his love.
Jan 8-Fasted for Carter today but didn't go quite as long as I should have.  I gave a lesson in Sunday school on the characteristics of God.  I loved an article in the December Ensign and it touched my heart so much.  I shared it today.  President Holland talked about how the characteristics of Christ that we find in the scriptures are the same characteristics of our Heavenly Father.  Simple truth but it struck me because I had really never thought of it that way, though I know Jesus does the will of his it make sense!
Jan 9-Went to work and then to a little crafty wood store with Lori and Laurel.  I often feel sorry for myself that I don't have friends but this little outing helped remind me that I do have friends and they are great.
Jan 10-New carpet today!  I'm so grateful for Frank's good job...that we are able to make improvements to the house. I know we are blessed.
Jan 11-I feel God prompting me to pray for Carter.
Jan 12- Blessed to be able to go to Oregon for the long weekend to help out Frank's parents.  Even though it snowed and was very icy in Portland, we got there safe and sound.
Jan 13- I was able to paint the hallway for Janice while Frank shoveled the walks and did some other work around the house.  It was great to be helpful. Then out for a lovely dinner with Janice, Frank, Diana and Rob.  A nice day!
Jan 14- Fixed some tile problems in the kitchen and gave the tub a good scrub.  Frank shoveled again, fixed peeling paint around the light fixture.
Jan 15- Finished the tiling by grouting where needed.  Had a safe flight home...glad to be back.
Jan 16- Had a day off of work today so I painted doors and the bathroom.  Planned to organize but never quite got that far.  Spent the evening with Diane's family and Mom and Dad, celebrating Darryl's birthday with apple pie and watching the movie Dion made.  I'm so grateful for my family and for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Jan 17- Dion is in town!  A fun night of dinner and hanging with Doneen's family and Dion. A good night.
Jan 18- Thoroughly enjoyed a night of just being home in the quiet.  Watched some tv, painted doors and the bathroom.  Relaxed.
Jan 19- Frank comes home from his business trip today!
Jan 20- I was able to get medication for my headache at the clinic today.  What a relief. Slept for 6 hours!
Jan 21- Frank and I spent a nice day home just doing projects.  It snowed and was so beautiful outside.  I love beautiful snowfall (especially when I don't have to go anywhere).  We got a lot done and it just felt like a nice day.
Jan 22- It's been rough lately with migraines everyday for over a week.  Today I had another one and spent the day laying around the house.  Frank has been so loving and patient and I am thankful for him!
Jan 23- I am thankful for Frank.  He's a rock. Yes, I'm allowed to be thankful for him two days in a row.
Jan 24- We've had some stress and worry over here and today we went to the temple to seek some peace.  I am so thankful for the temple.  I'm thankful for a husband who recommends going there to seek peace.  I'm thankful for prayer.
Jan 25- I am thankful for the soft pillows on my couch where I can lay and read a book or nap when I'm having a headache (and even when I'm not)
Jan 26- Prayer
Jan 27- I'm thankful for people who have something in common with you and with whom you can relate and commiserate...sometimes you find them in the least expected places.
Jan 28- A kind and understanding husband.  Who is patient with me when I'm stressed. He's doing good this month! ha!
Jan 29- Wonderful church leaders who help you through hard times, listen to you, and give great counsel.
Jan 30- I'm so thankful today that my son arrived home safely from Japan.  I was able to hug him tight and welcome him with love back home.  I'm thankful for his service as a missionary.  I'm thankful for all the people willing to help him transition and help him in any way that they can. I'm thankful for kind friends who brought over a cute banner for him and donuts to welcome him home.  I'm thankful for family who came to the airport to greet him.  It was an unexpected day but a good one. I'm thankful for Carter.
Jan 31- I'm thankful for a nice day spent with my son.

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  1. This is so sweet. I kept finding my eyes filling up with tears as I read. I need to be more proactive about gratitude.