Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

First of all
and more Snow

It snowed a lot overnight and all day long 
I think we got about a foot but I don't know the official measurements.

It was gorgeous to watch through the window as I stayed inside my warm and toasty house.

Carter and I woke up first at about 7:30
so I put in the breakfast casserole that I had made.
(first time I have ever made a breakfast casserole and this one is made with toasted croissants so I had high hopes for deliciousness)

By 8:15 the food was done and we roused Dad and Ryan.
Breakfast was delicious, if I do say so myself.
Casserole, oranges, orange juice and almond milk.

Then we opened presents.
Frank got:
 a selfie stick that he thought was a bike pump
other accessories for his go-pro
a waffle maker
A Christmas tie from Carter

Debbie got:
a computer for her bike
a back scratcher
and a trip to Alaska!
( I cried when I opened that)
I leave on my birthday and we are there for 6 days.
And since I am always worrying about money, Frank made sure to inform me that he got the trip and hotel with points!
So happy that I get to see Branden, Amber and the girls.

And Frank's parents got both of us a Roomba!

I'm so excited to try it out!

Ryan got:
a membership to the dollar shave club
voice lessons
A Bernie Sanders shirt

Carter got:
a record player
some records
A Jayne Cobb hat (from Firefly)

I told the boys that they were in charge of our stocking this year.
We got tons of candy! much candy.

After gifts we were relaxing in the living room when we noticed our neighbors shoveling our walk.
That gave us just enough guilt to get the warm clothes on and go out and work on it too.
Well, the boys did.
I stayed in my jammies and watched them.
Plus we only own 3 shovels.

They did a good job.

We had fondue for lunch.
It was super yummy.

I realized when I planned what to eat on Christmas day that the whole day was basically cheese and bread.
I'll get back on the "eat right" wagon tomorrow.

We talked to the Alaska folks on video chat
and got to see the girls open their presents.
I really hope they remember me and aren't scared of me when I visit!

Then we talked to Austin and the rest of Frank's family a few hours later.

Ryan has a cold so he took some medicine that zonked him out.
He slept through the video call with Austin.

In the evening I talked to my parents.

Now we are relaxing and watching tv.
It's been a good, relaxing, cheese-filled, family day.

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  1. The trip to Alaska is he best, that is so thoughtful. Although the roomba is pretty exciting too. And I got Dave that exact tie! It looks nice on.