Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas decorations 2015

For the last several years I have put up only minimal Christmas decorations
but this year I decided to actually decorate the house.

I decided to take pictures in case it never happens again.

The living room is the most decorated room and it has the tree...but I tried to put a few things around the house in other rooms as well.

I made this pillow last year.  It's already kind of trashed.

The Tree
 I replaced last years LED lights for regular incandescent lights on the tree.
It is MUCH that Christmas glow that I like.

Pillow made by my perfect sister and given to me last year. I love it.

My red secretary holds several nativities and other decorations.

My couch with the Christmas version of my picture wall.  A couple more nativities on the side tables.

My favorite nativity that I got in Canada is on my entry table.
Baby Jesus broke in the move but we fixed him (badly)

I got these felt ball garlands on Etsy and now I totally want to make some.
Craft project!

My bowl of vintage ornaments.  I want to find more.

My buffet just has candles and the new wreath I made.
I feel like it's too small so maybe I'll make a larger one for next year.

My brother Dion gave us a real wreath.
I hung it on the high wall near the kitchen.
(there was a nail there already that I've been meaning to remove so I figured I'd use it)

Stockings and my new "believe" banner.
I removed all of the rocks Frank usually keeps up on the mantel and put a couple of Christmas things.

The computer cabinet.
(hate this thing and when Carter graduates, it will be the first thing to go!)
I put a nativity on top to try to make it less ugly.  Didn't really work.
Outside I have my exterior lights around the top of the house 

A second real wreath adorns the brick outside.
Purchased from a fundraiser for my nephew

Garland and lights around the door

I also have my fake tree and some lights out on the covered porch.
I really like having them out back like that because I can't actually see my own Christmas lights out front unless I'm outside, but I can see the ones out back from inside the house.

An unlit version of the back porch
 I'm enjoying my festive house!


  1. It IS very festive! I think it feels very cozy and homey!

  2. You're home is beautiful and love your decorations! I love that big clock too!

    1. Thanks Pam! I searched forever for that stupid clock. :-D

  3. My goodness, it's seriously beautiful! I love it! I especially love the big mirror with the garland and the vintage ornaments. You decorate beautifully!

    1. Thanks. It was sad to put it away (ok, maybe it's only 80% put away) but my tree was SO DRY. I was afraid it was going to kill us.