Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Post Thanksgiving fun

Every year, my sister spends the day after Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City with her husband's extended family.
This year I decided to crash their party and join them!

We spent the afternoon doing a little shopping and seeing downtown Salt Lake.
We met up with my sister and her big group at the local food court and ate a late lunch and
then we went to Temple Square for the lighting of the Christmas lights there.

It was such a fun time!

After the lighting, the whole family gets together in the lobby of the hotel for hours of games and fun.
Because I'm a terrible photographer I don't have a single picture of the games or the hotel or all of us eating together at the food court.  
Or my sister whose party I crashed.

But here are the pictures that I did take:

Emily accidentally shoplifted some "choose the right" stickers.

So, of course, I took pictures of that!

Don't worry, she took them back.
These are the ones she actually paid for.

Hannah being cute.

I love these girls.
They are so much fun to have around!

Headed to the lights on Temple Square.

Kim and I.

 Some of the group before the lights

Our whole group right after they turned on the lights

Then, Saturday, we decided to go buy our Christmas tree.
I really miss being able to go to the a tree farm and cut down a tree.
We did that for 18 years back East and it was one of my favorite traditions!

This year we got our tree at Home Depot.
But it was still fun because we had Emily and Hannah here.

Here they are showing off the tree that we chose:
As you can see, Carter is really into the spirit of things. 

He's trying...

There was a slight dusting of snow so, of course, the kids got into a snowball fight.

Carter sneaking up on Hannah

We brought 2 cars to Home Depot: the truck to hold the tree and the car to hold the people.
After we loaded the tree, the kids and I went inside to get some lights.
We picked out a bunch of lights for the tree
(regular lights, not LEDs like I had last year)
and headed to the checkout...
where I realized that I didn't have my wallet.
I attempted to pay with paypal and my phone but didn't have that set up so that was a no-go.
So we called Frank to come inside with his wallet
only to discover that as soon as we had loaded the tree, he had driven home.
Eventually, after trying to come up with some way to pay and realizing that bringing a bunch of poor students with me was not helpful in this area, we handed our pile of stuff to the woman at the register and told her we had no money.

As we were walking out Emily said to me, "So, if you didn't bring your wallet, does that mean that you drove here without a license?"
I responded, "No.  My purse is in the car."

Yes, indeed.
So we retrieved the purse and bought the lights.
Sometimes (often) I worry about my sanity.

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  1. So funny! Last week I ended up with a BOATLOAD of groceries and no wallet. I was so mad at myself. I think your tree is pretty even if you didn't cut it down yourself.