Sunday, December 27, 2015

Felt Food

I made some felt food for the girls for Christmas but didn't want to post it until after they got it.

My first attempt was strawberries.
They turned out really cute but way too small...choking hazard!

I finished up the following foods just in time to ship them for Christmas.

Pancakes with butter and syrup

An apple, a pear, a banana and 2 larger strawberries

2 chicken legs, a hamburger with tomato and lettuce and a baked potato with butter.
The baked potato can come out of the skin.

Oh and some fried eggs too

Here are the veggies:
lettuce, tomato and 2 carrots.

and for dessert, some sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles of course.

I still have  a few more I'd like to make but that's all I got done for Christmas.

It was fun!


  1. Holy cow those are amazing! People would pay serious money for those on etsy. I love the potato and the pancakes! They're gonna love those forever.