Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This is a better-late-than-never post.

Thanksgiving 2015
Even though I now live in Utah, near 2 sisters, a brother and my parents
I found myself with no place to go and no guests for Thanksgiving.
Siblings were all spending the day with their in-laws
and my parents chose to go to my sister's house
(can't say I blame them...she has a theatre room, ping pong and an indoor pool!)

Luckily for us, our old friends from Massachusetts
have recently moved to Utah
and, even though they are 2 hours away, they agreed to come to our house for Thanksgiving.
We have had Thanksgiving and Christmas with them for 10 years now
so being with them is like being with family.

Our nieces from Oregon and another college age friend from Massachusetts
 are also in school fairly nearby
and they decided to join us as well.

Then our cousin-to-be Russell also decided to come!

So we ended up with a house full
and it was so great.

Here's a few pictures from the day:

I forced the college kids to get crafty and decorate my cork board for Thanksgiving.

Hannah asked if she could rake leaves!
Since we usually have to twist some arms to get the leaves raked, we were quite excited...
and she said that she missed doing it and found it therapeutic.
She did a mahvelous job and looked quite zen out there.

I  went out long enough to take pictures and then went back inside the warm house.

We set up 3 tables in the kitchen/family room to fit everyone!

This cracked me up.
3 people, 2 phones, one iPad and a computer...


Amazingly, the Petersons managed to bring a turkey and their famous jello all the way from Logan.
Turkey was warm, jello was cold.
Not sure I could have managed that.

Megan with her amazing Jello!  I love her.
Games/chatting afterward:

I wanted a picture with Kim but couldn't stop laughing...

Me and Kim... just being ourselves.  I love her.
The Pie!
Frank made a cherry (of course), a pumpkin and a lemon (which I requested).
All were amazing. 
(ok, I never tried the pumpkin, because...yuck. But everyone said it was amazing)
The Petersons brought cheesecake, Key Lime and Pecan.
Lots of amazing food!

Jordyn and me.  I love her.

Somehow there is not a single picture of Ryan or Russ! Sorry guys.  I know you were there...
I have become a very bad photographer.

And that was our Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. That jello is the star of the show, man. Amazing. Sounds like a fun day! Love the pictures of you laughing.